Post Pandemic Restoration of Guarantees and Parcel Invoice Auditing


The Covid-19 proliferation and the uncertainty it has caused have wreaked havoc for business around the world.  If you are you a UPS or FedEx shipper, you been faced with higher charges, tight capacity restraints, new surcharges, a reduction in on-time service, and the removal of your ability to file for money back, due to a suspension of guaranteed service.


As we continue to make progress toward a return to normality, there is some good news recently that UPS and FedEx announced regarding a limited reinstatement of their shipment guarantees for specific services.


With an industry range of 1%-6% late package deliveries, the return of the guarantee can provide a sizable savings for shippers that audit their parcel invoices.  While it’s unclear at this point when the guarantee will return for ground packages, these recent announcements indicate it may not be far off.  In the meantime, now is great time to partner with us and enroll in our parcel auditing service.  It takes only moments to set up and you’ll be saving money in no-time!   Visit us online at or email us at


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