Managed Transportation Solution

According to US Government Statics, the average U.S. business spends $25.30 for every $1,000 in annual revenue on outbound transportation. Top-performing companies pay just $6.35 per $1,000, while bottom performers shell out $53 – more than twice the national average. Shippers that are paying too much, are hampered by a lack of total visibility of their transportation spend. By contrast, top-performers simply do a better job of measuring costs and monitoring their carriers on a real-time basis. By avoiding surprises in the form of unexpected charges, they’re able to cut their transportation expense substantially.

MGN Logistics’ web-based application leverages a robust, intuitive, and proprietary freight management solution for your entire freight portfolio. Our clients experience superior carrier rates, real-time tracking, invoice auditing and customizable alerts and reporting dashboards.

Developed using a sound shipment life cycle methodology and transportation management expertise, MGN Logistics’ application delivers automated :

  • Comprehensive Carrier Rate Quoting
  • Rate Confirmation
  • Bill of Lading
  • Proactive Shipment Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Detailed Invoicing
  • Freight Claim Management
  • Audit reconciliation and discrepancy resolution based on current industry regulations
  • Reporting tools highlighting KPI’s and forecasting trends

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