Vendor, Inbound, and Reverse Logistics

Managing and controlling inbound freight effectively is a difficult process, and often overlooked as part of a shipper’s supply chain priority. MGN Logistics makes this complex process simple, by leveraging our comprehensive freight management platform and integrating a unique custom vendor portal. Each vendor portal is designed with your company logo and a simply, easy to use vendor interface that gives total control and visibility back to your team. MGN will collaborate with your purchasing and logistics department which gives your customers the look and feel as though it was an integrated part of your supply chain.

MGN Logistics leverages your freight spend throughout your entire supply chain by utilizing state-of-the-art analytics that put you back in control of your entire supply chain.

As a freight-management partner, MGN Logistics:
1) Integrates purchase order requests, freight spending, and dock management
2) Leverages your outbound negotiated freight rates across your entire supply chain.
3) Predicts inbound and reverse shipment planning with controls that yield improved dock management.
4) Provides decision making data points supporting :

  • Manage Master Vendor Agreement Negotiations,
  • Evaluate Dock Staffing Capacity,
  • Coordinate the planning, implementing, and controlling of efficient, cost effective flow of freight,
  • Enforce Vendor Compliance, and
  • Streamline Returns Process.

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