Freight Invoice Auditing & Payment

MGN Logistics connects directly with freight carriers, providing the foundation for a comprehensive invoice auditing process.

Rely on MGN Logistics to manage your orders throughout the shipment life cycle:

  • Pre-Audit – automated carrier pricing:
  • Tracking – proactive awareness of additional services rendered
  • Post-Audit – finalized invoice amount is reconciled:
  • Ensure the proper discounts are applied
  • Determine when expected weight and/or classification is not utilized
  • Pinpoint proper use of accessorials upon delivery
  • Discrepancy Negotiation
  • Verification of Proof of Delivery and supporting documentation

MGN Logistics’ dedicated team handles invoice discrepancies with each carrier and provides a summary of the resolution.

MGN Logistics provides a weekly summary and a detailed report of all shipments, aligning freight spend allocation across your enterprise.

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