Dispatching & Scheduling

Freight management services have to depend on safe drivers who are responsible for deliveries. Many companies even believe that the mode of transportation is the glue which sticks the whole system of transportation together. While the use of drivers cannot be undermined in a freight management company the use of dispatchers cannot be undermined as well.

Dispatching software’s job is to schedule drivers for pickup or delivery of cargo to vendors of customers. A dispatching software is also used for keeping records and monitoring the driver logs for errors or protocol violations on a daily basis. Another part of the dispatching job in the freight management business is knowing the weather for all of the locations where you cargo is headed. MGN Logistics provides you with a robust software solution by putting different computer programs which can determine the environment and aid the drivers on their journey. By having a complete knowledge of the freight industry along with other information, freight management companies are able to use their dispatching to the fullest.

MGN Logistics software provides a robust core of functionality which is necessary for any asset based freight management needs. With our software you are able to add up to as many modules as you like, which all offer mature and fully tested ready-to-use products which can be integrated in to the system. MGN Logistics offers you with the most robust freight management system and does all the heavy lifting for you while providing the best dispatching services at an affordable cost.

The following are some of the areas in which you can gain by utilizing our comprehensive dispatching services;

  • Our software helps you track customer’s orders from start to finish.
  • MGN Logistics software offers you a quick and easy way of creating invoices for your customers.
  • Our software allows you to have all of the information regarding your customers, carriers and drivers in a central location for easy access whenever necessary.
  • Our software allows you to pay off your drivers by flat rate, mile, hourly or according to a specified percentage.
  • Our software lets you monitor your Accounts Receivable and Payable so that you can increase profitability.
  • Our software provides you with the information you need to make sure which lanes are making the most money.
  • Our software allows you to analyze crucial sales volume from customers and sales representatives.
  • Our software will eventually allow you to increase your customer’s freight volume.
  • Our freight management software gives you the ability to work with multiple currencies.
  • You are able to consolidate orders into loads for easier dispatching.
  • MGN Logistics offers customers with real time information and status reports on their cargo.

For Truckloads
MGN Logistics software offers a comprehensive solution for truckload carriers when it comes to dispatch and accounting for a fraction of the price of other systems. The robust software enables freight management companies to streamline and integrate their own dispatch departments for the better handling of operational needs. Our software gets you all the information you need to know including, quoting rates, driver call tracking and booking loads and can also print invoices, pay bills and drivers, along with creating useful and detailed financial reports which keep you in control of your finances.

Apart from that, our freight management software also offers a fully automated option which is available at an affordable pay as you go basis. This is to provide our customers with the best solutions which they need when they need it and allows them to grow at their own pace. With no expensive hardware or software purchase or unnecessary upgrades needed MGN Logistics freight management software makes sure that you get the best of both worlds at one place.

Dispatch for Freight
Our freight management software is by far the most powerful and affordable dispatch system available today. It allows freight brokerage companies to keep on creating an environment in which efficiency becomes the standard of the entire business process. Our software is able to streamline the entire dispatch and accounting departments of a freight management company along with being perfectly capable of handling all of the freight brokering needs.

Multi-Company Dispatch
MGN Logistics is able to streamline both sides of the transportation operations while keeping all accounts in order. Whether you are a private fleet, broker or for hire carrier, our software has the trucking solution for you, for the way you do business.
Whether your needs include creating freight billing, settling driver settlements, rating, or improving the basic flow of your dispatch operations, MGN Logistics has got you covered. First manual tasks which used to take hours now gets done in a matter of minutes.

  • Bills of Lading,
  • Driver Settlements,
  • Revenue Settlements,
  • Driver Advances, and
  • Driver Pay


Dispatch for LTL (Less Than Truckload) Operations
MGN Logistics’ software has always been relied upon when it comes to carriers, shippers, brokers or multi-modal and drayage companies. The reason being, that we provide a fully automated software which enables them to keep track on their personnel, and optimize their freight management processes according to the data which they receive through our service.
Our software provides you with a comprehensive library of information pertaining to cargo management, trip manifesting, and crystal reports. In addition to these software modules our services also provide add-ons which can be added later as the company moves forward and attains their goals.
This easy to use, yet powerful freight management software only requires an internet connection and minimal setup which is not expensive at all to meet your needs.

The following are some of the ways in which you can benefit from using our software services;

MGN Logistics freight management software allows you to organize pickups and shipment consolidations automatically.

MGN Logistics freight management software allows you to dispatch and monitor loads based on the least cost routing and the amount of days they will remain en route.

MGN Logistics freight management software allows you to expedite the paper work which is needed to that your contract carriers get paid properly and in a timely manner.

Maximize Efficiency
MGN Logistics freight management software allows you to improve your basic workflow of your dispatch operations, driver settlements, ratings, and freight billing.

Never Enter Data Twice
With the help of our freight management software you need not worry about double entries since each entry is coded and run through the system to prevent such critical information from being delayed.
MGN Logistics freight management software can make you create an environment where profit becomes automatic and efficiency is just another day at the office. We have your covered no matter what the size or destination of your cargo.


Are you spending too much time contacting carriers for your daily freight needs? If so, let our MGN Logistics relieve you of that time consuming responsibility.

MGN Logistics automates the carrier scheduling process:

  • Verification of shipment information
  • Automated Bill Of Lading distribution
  • Scheduling of predetermined carriers, based on your specific shipment criteria

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