Business Intelligence

At MGN Logistics, our industry knowledge coupled with our integrated technology and our data analytics delivers superior data-driven decision-making tools.

MGN Logistics’ reporting suite will transform your shipping data into an actionable asset.

MGN Logistics partners with our clients to build upon our existing reporting dashboard. Some of the reports are outlined below:

Executive Dashboard

  • Benchmarking Savings
    • Average Spending Per Shipment
    • Week/Month/Quarter Performance
  • Total Savings
  • Average Cost Per Pallet
  • Average Cost Per Truckload
  • Average Cost Per LB
  • Shipment Distribution by State/Region
    • Traffic Lane Analysis/Trending
  • Routing Exceptions
  • Routing Exceptions Occurrences
  • Percent of Routing Exceptions
  • Quarter by Quarter Trend Analysis by Attribute


  • Total Number of Shipments
  • Shipment Distribution
  • Transit Time Analysis
  • Weight Distribution
  • Pallet Distribution
  • Claims Management


  • Freight Class
  • Shipment Metrics
  • Average Pallet Per Shipment
  • Average Weight Per Shipment
  • Average Density Per Shipment
  • Accessorials by Type, Frequency, and Cost

Economic Indicators

  • Fuel Rates
  • Truckload Linehaul Index

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